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Urban Artistry offers a wide variety of services to the community, including mentorship, training for dance educators, and school educational programs. We look forward to providing you with any the services listed below, as well as tailor what we offer to best suit your needs.

For bookings, studio rental, or any other additional information about our services on this page, please contact Ryan Webb at ryan.webb@urbanartistry.org.


Urban Artistry offers weekly dance classes in Silver Spring, Maryland (MD) at the Urban Artistry Dance Academy.  Any of these classes are offered as workshops and/or private lessons.  The list of classes includes:


Our mentorship programming is offered for all ages and is tailored to the individual’s artistic, professional and personal goals. Our training for dance educators includes dance technique, teaching strategies, history and ethical teaching and industry practices. Urban Artistry values providing thorough training to educators before they begin teaching on their own, as well as building a lasting relationship between mentor and mentee, that lasts throughout the mentee’s career.


We offer a variety of urban dance performances.  These are themed shows that are both educational and entertaining as well as flexible to meet different time and space requirements.  All of the performances are available as theatre productions as well.  A few of our performances include:

  • “Surviving the Times”
  • “The House That Jack Built”
  • “100,000 Light-years Across”
  • “Digital Funk”
  • “Warriors of Light”
  • “The Mourning After”
  • “Ace of Space”
  • “Origins: One Heart Beat”
  • “SOUL Purpose”


Urban Artistry can bring their urban dance curriculum to your school!  Students will learn basics in multiple urban styles of dance such as Popping, Locking, Breakin’, Hip Hop Dance, and House Dance.  Students will gain information in dance history, foundational movements, and choreography, all of which will be used in a performance at the end of a given program period.


Our staff has qualified judges in their specific lane of urban movement.  We judge competitions in Breakin’, Hip Hop Dance, House Dance, Locking, Popping/Boogaloo, Whacking/Punking, and All Styles.


Urban Artistry offers its studio space to be rented by those interested in throwing their own events, functions, parties, etc.  To request to rent space, fill out our studio rental request form.


Urban Artistry has hosted and directed events, open sessions and practices, parties, competitions, and jams since its creation in 2005.  We offer all you need to create the event of your dreams. Some of those components are listed below:

  • DJs (with full DJ equipment)
  • MCs and party hosts
  • Dancers
  • Dance classes
  • And more!

We offer birthday party packages for kids and teens.  Depending on what the customer wants, Urban Artistry can provide music, a party host, performances, dance classes, activities and a staff to help assist in whatever may be needed.


Urban Artistry’s teachers and staff are filled with subject matter experts in their fields.  We offer these experts for educational lectures on urban dance topics (both historical and contemporary), panel discussions, and even debates on any topics revolving around the urban dance or music experience.