• Durham, NC, 2018
  • MEMPHIS, TN (and Washington DC), 2009 – Present
    •  2009-Present, Popping/Boogaloo and Memphis Jookin’ Exchange: Ryan “Future” Webb of the DC metropolitan area (Assassins Crew/Urban Artistry) and Dr. Rico of Memphis, TN, (Assassins Crew) discuss the evolution of their mutual mentorship in popping/boogaloo and Memphis jookin’, and the power of understanding culture to understand specific styles of dance.


  • DENMARK, 2011 – 2015
    • 2011: Performance by Pink Army/Big City Brains in Copenhagen, Denmark “Invasion of Copenhagen”
    • 2012: Trailer for the theatre production by Steen Koerner that toured in Europe “Julemanden” during the winter of 2012
    • 2013: Performance by Assassins in Copenhagen, Denmark “100,000 Light Years Across”, trailer for a theatre production by Steen Koerner “Carmen” that toured in Europe for 3 months, article (in Danish) about “Carmen”
    • 2014: Promo video on Urban Artistry’s collaboration to host CLASHcph Hip Hop and Urban Dance Festival with CLASHcph Dance Company, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • FRANCE, 2012 – 2014
  • ENGLAND, 2011
    • 2011: Video on Big City Brains Crew performing “Human Robot” at Breakin’ Convention in London
  • BULGARIA, 2009
    • September 2009: US Embassy of Bulgaria Press release on Urban Artistry’s Black History Month in Smolyan, Bulgaria; video on Urban Artistry’s performance at Bulgaria’s Jam On It hip hop dance festival.

Africa & Middle East

  • SENEGAL, 2015
    • January 2015: Video and article (written by the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal) on the work of Urban Artistry’s Executive Director, Junious “House” Brickhouse in Dakar, Senegal, with the State Department’s Next Level Cultural Exchange Program.
  • IRAQ, 2013
    • October 2013: Video on cultural exchange with First Step Iraq in the “From Iraq with Hip Hop” cultural exchange; “From Iraq with Hip Hop” press release
  • ALGERIA, 2012
    • December 2012: Video 1 and Video 2 of Kamikaz Crew from Algeria exchanging with Urban Artistry in Washington, DC
  • ANGOLA, 2012
    • December 21, 2012: Event page and Video of dance battle between Urban Artistry, Lionz of Zion and Os Kuduristas from Angola
  • SOUTH AFRICA, 2010-2011
    • 2010: Mini documentary and extended documentary on Capetown 2 DC exchange with Black Noise Crew from South Africa. This exchange was organized by Nomadic Wax (with funding from the DC Commission for the Arts & Humanities); View video of the Q&A session with Black Noise,
    • March 2011: Trailer video on Junious “House” Brickhouse, Executive Director of Urban Artistry, teaching workshops in South Africa.

The Caribbean

    • October 2011: Video of Urban Artistry teaching hip hop and urban dance workshops on 3 different islands in the East Caribbean. The trip was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Bridgetown.