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Before you get upset… The term “ That’s House” is not a statement about authenticity or an off remark about your brand of House Music. It is, however, a reference to the traditions of self-expression, diversity, tolerance and forward thinking that many of us have found in House Music Culture.

The Motivation:

It’s simple really, I think people who enjoy House music should get together more often, maybe experience other genres of house music, learn about the dance cultures in different states and countries and from time to time get to know each other outside dance schools and competitions.

For example, many of my friends are into deep house. You would even think they live in the club because they are always there. When they aren’t in the club they are in the dance studio, teaching, choreographing or training for the competition in Europe (that’s going to cost them 2K to attend). Dedicated is an understatement right.

Still strangely enough, you couldn’t give most of them free tickets to go to a Rave or attend an EDM festival. At the same time, some of my old school fam definitely have very little time for any of this “new school business.”

Now, all of these people mean well; people stay where they are most comfortable but sadly, I feel like comfortable can be where we miss the power of what the music can do for us.

And if we are being candid we also know that there are a few lines that divide us that have nothing to do with music; socio-economic, racial and even religious. We need to work these things out… but how, without common interests and a venue that’s open to those possibilities.

Now, please do not confuse “That’s House” with that tired argument about where house culture comes from… this is not that (we can do that too at another time and place) but I see this as our shot at embracing the fact that today… every community has value and holds the right to their truths and traditions.

Although I may be considered a traditionalist in many ways, who firmly believes we don’t have to forget where we come from to expand our palette, I also believe we do not have to dismiss the perspectives of others to celebrate our own.

With that said, I think it appropriate that I put my foot forward and begin producing a series of events that are aimed to educate, inspire, as well as highlight the people, the music, the movement that unapologetically represent all the diversity that is House Music Culture.

-Junious L. Brickhouse-

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Junious Brickhouse