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Funk in Focus is an ever-growing system of applications and fundamentals used to enhance one’s natural movement and talent in the dance styles inspired by funk music, namely Boogalooing, Popping, and Locking. Boogaloo is a dance that has its roots in Oakland, CA during the 1960’s. The dance was born out of a time of social and political awareness. Traditionally, it was done to Funk and Soul music as a solo and group dance. Pulling from many resources like James Brown, Vernacular Jazz, Tap, Singing Group Routines, Sci-Fi Films and Cartoons. These various influences allowed dancers to be original in their presentation. A “Boogaloo” is a dancer that understands a variety of sub-styles. FUNK IN FOCUS students will embody this ideal.

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Ryan Webb

Music by THEM (Ryan Webb) is available on Soundcloud.