Urban Artistry offers weekly dance classes in Silver Spring, Maryland (MD) at the Urban Artistry Dance Academy.  Any of these classes are offered as workshops and/or private lessons.  The list of classes includes:

Afro Cuban Dance Oricha Therapy As a Way of Knowing

The Afro Continuum Directorate

This class is intended to create a space and journey whereby students can develop and deepen their understanding and appreciation of Afro-Cuban dance tradition, specifically movements related to Orichas (deities). The history, cultural context, and connection between rhythm, drum, and movement and their interdependent translation in the body, will be recurring topics discussed. Movements will be broken down and students will learn a form developed by Kati Hernandez that fuses Afro-Cuban dance technique with healing modalities including voice, dramaturgical expression and chromotherapy to the symbolic colors of the orichas and their attributes. This method intends to give students a way to not only embody, but also project their understanding of the feelings and affirmations that the Orichas inspire through the dances, patakis (sacred stories), song, and musicality. The goal is to give students a foundation of knowledge of what Oricha dances entail-one that helps them to reflect on the connection between life experiences, movement, and community.

Breakin’ (B-boyin’/B-girlin’)

Methods Directorate

Methods is Urban Artistry’s b-boy and b-girl (also known as bboy, bgirl, or breakdance) educational program. Methods encourages students to discover applications or “methods” that build on the foundational movements of Breakin’ namely top rocks, floor-work, freezes, and power moves.

Intro to Breakin’ (B-boyin’/B-girlin’)

Methods Directorate

INTRO TO BREAKIN’ is an introductory level class geared for those interested in learning the basic movements and historical underpinnings of b-boy and b-girl culture. Students will be introduced to the foundational movements of the dance: top rock, drops, footwork, power moves, and freezes. Students will learn how to build on a complete solo-run that comprises a combination of at least three of the previously outlined components. Furthermore, students will develop body control and transition techniques to connect moves and ensure proper execution and prevent injury.

Applied Breakin’ (B-boyin’/B-girlin’)

Methods Directorate

APPLIED BREAKIN’ is a class for intermediate-advanced dancers who have familiarity with the basic foundational movements of b-boyin’/b-girlin’ (namely toprock, footwork, freeze, power). This class will encourage students to explore various aspects based on rhythm and musical concepts related to the dance. This class will provide students to work on variations, create alternative movement patterns, and develop well thought out runs. This class requires students to be able to identify and apply principles. The class will also focus on creative application, which includes cyphering, two-man routines, and finding the best ways to express themselves effectively and clearly.

Foundations of Cuban Casino

The Afro Continuum Directorate

Foundations of Cuban Casino will introduce you to Casino- the newest way and style of old school Cuban Son. Popularly misreferred to as ‘Cuban Salsa,’ this Cuban social dance developed in the mid- 50s. Students will develop a repertoire of Casino basic moves that in turn can be used to form complicated phrases. Throughout the semester classes will incorporate discussions on the historical underpinnings of Casino, it’s relationship to other Cuban popular dance forms, the significance of son clave versus rumba clave, and musicality. 

Intro to Groove


INTRO TO GROOVE is an introductory level class geared to those interested in learning how to groove with various types of music.  In this class, students are introduced to multiple urban dance styles through a variety of musical genres. Finding grooves, or the natural movement to each musical genre, helps students choose which style they are most interested in pursuing further. Students will be introduced to movement approaches that focus on musicality, exchanges, and completing a dynamic solo-run. Students will learn how to build on a complete solo-run that shows how one can engage with both music and people. Furthermore, students will develop an understanding of how African American communities have survived and thrived based on grooving to music.


Funk in Focus Directorate

Locking, sometimes also spelled as “lockin,'” is a dance style that has its roots in Los Angeles, CA in the late 1960’s and 70’s. Born out of a time of social and political movements. Traditionally done to Funk and Soul music. This dance pulls from many resources like Vernacular Jazz, Tap and many of the social dances of the time. This class is for dancers of all-levels. The course will focus on giving a comprehensive view of the classic understanding of locking and the many innovations inspired by other communities such as the London Locking style.

Intro to Locking

Funk in Focus Directorate

INTRO TO LOCKING is and introductory level class geared for those interested in learning the basic movements and historical underpinnings of locking. Students will learn fundamental techniques including the lock, skeets, scoops, points, leo walks, and Scooby-doos. The course will focus on giving a comprehensive view of the classic understanding of locking and the many innovations inspired by other communities such as the London Locking style.

Applied Locking

Funk in Focus Directorate

APPLIED LOCKING is an intermediate to advanced level class and is targeted towards those with a working understanding in Locking foundational movements. The class will expand upon the basics in foundational and innovative movement. Students will personalize the style while developing an in-depth understanding of history, movements, and artistry. Students will be encouraged to build themselves up as individual artists becoming active participants inside and outside of the classroom.

Hip Hop Dance

Mainline Directorate

MAINLINE HIP HOP, also spelled as hiphop and hip-hop, builds on the understanding that shifts in Hip Hop music over time and space often encourages a shift in the movement aesthetic and expression. This program offers both classic and current-day representations of hip hop dance through a cross-city, intergenerational, and global lens. Mainline Hip Hop students are encouraged to become influencers and active participants in their communities, not limited to the mainstream trends but to mainline cultural shifts; to embody the notion of “moving-intelligence” (hip hop as defined by KRS-1).

Memphis Jookin’

Mainline Directorate

MEMPHIS JOOKIN’, a dance style originally entitled gangsta walking, was created in the mid 80’s to the sound of Memphis rap music. A loose, groovy, footwork based style; jookin’ puts emphasis on who can walk the coolest or most “gangsta”. In this class, students will learn a well-rounded perspective on Memphis dance and music culture. One of the main characteristics is the idea of “getting buck” or becoming extremely confident, wild, and carefree. With this Memphis persona in mind, students will learn jookin’ history, characters, foundational moves, combinations, and how to create their own movement within the style. Some of the main characters and styles to be covered will be gangsta walking, jookin’, chopping, and bucking. This class will give a solid understanding and look into the Memphis jookin’ style, as well as allow students personal growth through the movement.

Intro to Hip Hop Dance

Mainline Directorate

INTRO TO HIP HOP DANCE is an introductory level class geared for those interested in learning the basic movements and historical underpinnings of freestyle hip hop dance culture. This class will offer movement foundations that span the classic social dances (such as the running man, wop, and cabbage patch), isolations and body control, and variety of bounces, rocks, and digs to establish various grooves and rhythm patterns.

Applied Hip Hop Dance

Mainline Directorate

APPLIED HIP HOP DANCE focuses on building on movement concepts surrounding character play, rhythms, shapes, levels, and transitions as tools that give more dimension and variations to classic hip hop movements. This course will examine a cross-city and global survey of hip hop dance communities that include NYC boogie boy, to the West Coast freestyle head, LA industry-style, European new-style dancers, and more recently popularized styles like Memphis Jookin’.

House Dance: “That’s House”

That’s House

THAT’S HOUSE is not a fairytale. It is the house music experience instructed and demonstrated through house dance and cultural enlightenment. Since its origin in the underground dance scene of the late 1970’s, “Jack” is a reference to jacking; the dance recognized as the foundation of house dance culture. Jacking sparked the creative minds that would eventually engineer the movement influenced by many dance styles, but a true descendent of none. This freedom has provided a home for those who wish to grow artistically and culturally in house music.

Intro to House Dance

That’s House

INTRO TO HOUSE DANCE is an introductory level class geared for those who are interested in learning the basic movements and historical underpinnings of the House dance experience. Students will build a working understanding of foundational house dance movements such as jacking, footwork, and floorwork. Furthermore students will garner an understanding of participating, learning, and growing in the cypher as it pertains to the constant evolution and relevance of house dance culture. Participation in this class will equip students with the foundational techniques and vocabulary that lead to confidence and intention in performance, battle, and cypher settings. This class is a prerequisite for individuals who have little to no experience in house dance, and it also serves as a class for advanced dancers to revisit and polish their foundation. Students who have completed Intro to House are equipped with a strong basis for the Applied House dance class.

Applied House Dance

That’s House

APPLIED HOUSE DANCE is an intermediate-advanced level class targeted towards those who have a working knowledge of foundational house dance movement. This class builds on the foundations of jacking, footwork and floorwork (from our Intro to House class) and explores the applications, theories and dynamics of style, character, movement systems and polyrhythms that make house dance the soulful expression it is.  Students will acquire an in-depth understanding of how to diversify movement, hone in on musicality, and self-discovery.


Funk in Focus Directorate

Popping/Boogaloo (sometimes also spelled as poppin’ or referred to as pop n’ lock, pop and lock, or even poplocking) is a dance that has its roots in Oakland, CA during the 1960’s. The dance was born out of a time of social and political awareness. Traditionally, it was done to funk and soul music as a solo and group dance, pulling from many resources like James Brown, vernacular jazz, tap, singing group routines, science-fiction films and cartoons. These various influences allowed dancers to be original in their presentation. A “boogaloo” is a dancer that understands a variety of sub-styles.

Intro to Popping/Boogaloo

Funk in Focus Directorate

INTRO TO POPPING/BOOGALOO is an introductory level class geared for those interested in learning the basic movements and historical underpinnings of popping and boogalooing. Students will be taught fundamental techniques such as posing, popping, twisto-flex, waving, isolations, robotics, gliding, tutting, and more. This class equips students with a solid foundation in boogaloo movements, knowledge and individual confidence that will be utilized in the Applied Popping/Boogaloo class.

Applied Popping/Boogaloo

Funk in Focus Directorate

The applied class is targeted towards individuals looking to become more advanced with their current understanding in the style. The class will allow the student to find themselves as artists. This will be executed through exploration of fundamentals to create variations and combos. We will also target subjects throughout the semester. This will encourage the student to further understand the who, what, where, when, why, and how? Students will be given specific subjects to research throughout the semester. We will take trips to the clubs to experience cypher culture. You will also be asked to participate in organized contests and battling organically. Students will gain an in depth, well rounded, and personal understanding of the Boogaloo/Popping dance.

Funkateer Youth Program: Ages 5-9, 10-13, 14+

The FUNKATEERS is Urban Artistry’s funk based kids and teens class ranging from the ages of 5 and up. These students gain knowledge in multiple styles of dance including Breakin’, Popping, Locking, Hip Hop and House. The class gives children an introduction into the urban dance styles teaching them basics in history, movement, and freestyle. At the end of each semester, the students will perform a show that demonstrates all of the skills they have been learning in the class. Funkateers will not only progress in movement, but also in confidence, teamwork, understanding and focus.

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Special Topics


Special Topics Directorate

AFROBEAT is a class focused on various street dance styles that emerge from urban environments from across Africa such as coupe decale from Ivory Coast, azonto from Ghana and soukous from Congo. The music often possesses fast tempos and a blend of heavily percussive instruments, vocals, and sounds influenced by Yoruba music, house music and funk. The distinguishing characteristics of afrobeat dance are undulating hip movements, powerful high-energy steps, and strong core-based movements.

Midday Wellness

Special Topics Directorate

Take a moment during your day of taking care of deadlines and meetings to take care of yourself! A 2-week rotation of challenging, restorative and energizing fitness classes including circuit training, plyometrics, yoga, body sculpting, cardio and more. Offered by a collective of the DC area’s best wellness professionals and movement specialists.

Vernacular Jazz

Special Topics Directorate

Vernacular Jazz is a collection of dances created in the African American communities during the late 1800’s through mid 1900’s of the era of jazz & swing and their connections with the urban styles of movement we celebrate today. Artists can expect to gain better rhythmic expression within the dances, learn to apply principles of timing, space and character to be able to celebrate or showcase their favorite steps including the apple jack, Charleston, shim sham, tacky Annie’s and more.


Special Topics Directorate

WUSHU, the ancient martial art of China is both a contemporary sport and a traditional method of self-defense and natural healing. The primary focus of this class is modern Wushu (Taolu) training that aims to enhance one’s strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, agility and precision in movement. This class is designed for both beginners and advanced students seeking cross training for various athletic and movement disciplines. The class will be taught through a variety of training methods: traditional forms, across-the-floor exercises, core-strength building and shadow boxing. Students will develop techniques and proper preparation for executing kicks, sweep-turns, jumps and acrobatics. This class is also beneficial for self-expression, body exploration, movement dynamism, improving energy-flow (Qi) and discipline.


Special Topics Directorate
WHACKING/PUNKING is a fiery and expressive dance that began in the early 1970’s in the disco clubs of Los Angeles and popularized on the show Soul Train. Students will develop a working foundation for the style and finesse that consists of intricate arm movements, hand details, poses, and footwork. The class will give special attention on developing the character and “soul” of whacking/punking. The class will also touch on how to celebrate the dance socially and apply principles like musicality, and shapes to their individual expression. This class is for individuals of all-levels of dance experience.