Funk in Focus

Founded by Rashaad Pearson in 2005, Funk in Focus is an ever-growing system of applications and fundamentals used to enhance one’s natural movement and talent. Funk in Focus encourages one to think and add purpose to dance, life, and more.

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Music by THEM (Urban Artistry’s Ryan Webb) is available via iTunes and Soundcloud.

Rashaad Pearson

Born and raised in NYC, Rashaad is the youngest of three children. Rashaad has experimented with almost every artistic instrument within reach, singing, drawing and playing musical instruments. He relocated to the DMV area in 2003 to pursue dance as a full-time career, and found himself through urban dance.

Rashaad now shares his passion of movement as well as his vast knowledge of the history of all genres of dance and music to anyone willing to learn. His notable work includes teaching, performing, competing, and judging in places such as Korea, Japan, Sweden, London, Holstebro, Copenhagen, and Berlin. He has collaborated with numerous companies, including Big City Brains, and has choreographed and directed productions, including Funk in Focus, Origins: One Heart beat, We Got the Jazz, and Free from Me. His production, Digital Funk 5002, won the 2010 Metro DC Dance Award for Excellence in Costume Design. Rashaad exemplifies the true meaning of leadership,and continues to be an inspiration in more ways than one.

Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb began as a solo artist dancing out of Northern Virginia and Washington DC. It was here that his teaching and performance career began at local studios, community centers, and various churches. While attending Christopher Newport and Cal State University of Fullerton, he founded multiple dance clubs that are still in progress today. Ryan moved to California in August of 2005 and graduated out of Cal State Fullerton in 2008. During this time period he was the winner of numerous popping competitions, some of which include Street Skillz, Undadog in Los Angeles, and Juste Debout in Paris, France.

In 2008, Ryan joined the Assassins Crew and Urban Artistry. It was here that he learned the importance of culture and the history behind the dances that he does. Recently, his dance career has brought him to various international countries for work. He has taught, performed, competed, and judged in Korea, Japan, Sweden, England, Germany, Canada and Denmark, to name a few.