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The Urban Artistry Dance Academy

The Urban Artistry Dance Academy (UADA) provides an interdisciplinary urban dance education with a global perspective. Students are encouraged to become active participants and thought leaders in their respective communities, where they are not limited to mainstream trends but strive to become advocates of cultural preservation and artistic innovation.


UADA’s vision is to empower dancers to build a sustainable artistic trajectory, while maintaining authenticity and humility in their work. The overarching goals for our students are to build on movement vocabulary and applications, identify artistic purpose, and become cultural ambassadors.


The UADA teaching approach aims to bridge the gap between academic discourse, theater, industry, and various global representations of the art forms originating from the urban-street dance experience.

We recognize that effective artistic development is cultivated through a holistic approach to dance education. Namely through establishing a wide-range of movement vocabulary, exploratory research methods, active-community participation, and professional performance and competitive arts training. Classes will build on, but are not limited to a variety of teaching methods such as freestyle, choreography, and the art of battle.

Along with supplementary music and reading materials, UADA will provide multimedia presentations, guest speakers, and special topic workshops as aids to shed light on the cultural and social landscapes in which these art forms emerged and evolved. Experiential learning outside the classroom is a hallmark of the urban dances, and thus is a criterion for each student. Students will be trained and encouraged to attend and participate in cyphers, competitions, theater productions, lectures, and social-club dance experiences to bolster their knowledge.


Upon completion of the 16-week  semester, students who’ve attended at least 90 percent (14 weeks) of the classes and fulfilled their end of the year projects are awarded an UADA certificate in their respective urban dance style. These project requirements will occur during the last two weeks of the semester.

  1. Students enrolled in INTRO classes will be required to participate in a performance and/or battle.
  2. Students enrolled in the APPLIED classes will be required to choose a concentration track that involve at least two of the three: performance, competition/battle, and research. Research projects include panel discussions, thesis writing, and/or multimedia documentation. Performance projects include theater production and stagecraft. Dance competition includes exhibition and call-out battles.


The UA Dance Academy is structured into five directorates to best serve its students: four core directorates and one supporting directorate (see below).

While each core directorate has unique origins, history, and content, the pedagogy/teaching methods and concepts apply across all directorates.  Instructors coordinate to help students understand where course content intersects and diverges across the directorates.
Students are encouraged to take courses from all directorates.  Instructors may recommend students take specific classes to further support their learning.
UA Dance Academy (UADA) Directorates


The UADA faculty has extensive competitive and professional urban dance experience. Each instructor possesses demonstrable investments in their respective dance communities through competition, performance, theater, and academia. Most importantly, our instructors are passionate and dedicated to the professional growth and guidance of teammates, students, and apprentices. Our instructors are thought leaders.