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*Please note that we are currently only offering Drop-in and 5 Class Pass purchase options until further notice.*

Save by registering for a class card or enrolling for the semester.  Please note, all sales are final.


The Urban Artistry Dance Academy semester consists of 16 weeks.  Students may enroll in class during the first three weeks of the semester.  Upon completion of the 16-week semester, students who have attended at least 90 percent (12 weeks) of the classes and fulfilled their end of the year projects are awarded an UADA certificate in their respective urban dance style. These project requirements will occur during the last two weeks of the semester.

Semester enrollment is encouraged for students who want to learn in-depth historical and cultural information as well as refine their movement in a particular dance style. Students enrolled for the semester are still encouraged to take other classes, and receive 2 free drop-in classes valid for any classes on the schedule!

Semester Pricing (27% discount)

Funkateer Semester Pricing


Class passes are great for students who want to try many classes or take a variety of classes throughout the semester. Class passes are also a more cost effective way for our semester enrollment students to take additional classes to augment their semester program learning. Class passes are valid for 3 months.

Class Pass Pricing (10-15% discount)

5 Class Pass (10% discount)

10 Class Pass (15% discount)


*College and graduate students receive a $5.00 discount upon showing a valid student ID


All sales are final.  If you become injured during the semester, please make this known to the administration so that we can credit your remaining classes for up to a year from the date of notice.