Junious Brickhouse

Executive Director, Founder

Junious “House” Brickhouse is an internationally established dancer, choreographer, community leader, and cultural preservationist. As Founder and Executive Director of Urban Artistry, Junious has inspired and created a movement of artists dedicated to the authentic preservation of urban dance culture and community. Junious’s rich and varied background has uniquely positioned him to create such a community and to serve as mentor and ambassador both locally and abroad.


Russell Campbell

Director of Marketing & Comm.

Rashaad Pearson

Lead Artistic Director

Baronhawk Poitier

Director of Marketing & Comm.

Rizqi Rachmat

Director of Development

Ryan Webb

Director of Education

Latasha Barnes

Artistic Director

Philip Chang

Artistic Director

Giovanni Galleno

Artistic Director

Emily Oleson

Artistic Director

Toyin Sogunro

Artistic Director

Brent Talley

Artistic Director



  • LaTasha Barnes
  • Russell Campbell
  • Philip Chang
  • Gabe Lipton Galbraith
  • Giovanni Galleno
  • Hannah George-Wheeler
  • Desmond Howard
  • Emily Oleson
  • Rashaad Pearson
  • Baronhawk Poitier
  • Rizqi Rachmat
  • Oluwatoyin Sogunro
  • Brent Talley
  • Ryan Webb



  • Jade Ballard
  • Diyanna Burton
  • Micaela Cabrera
  • Maren Cummings
  • Johnte Cunningham
  • Michael Esmeralda
  • Carlendra Frank
  • Zander Gabel Robinson
  • Nicole Hill
  • Natalie Hoffman
  • Harley Jackson
  • Malachi Jean
  • Leslie Liao
  • Kaye Love
  • Michael McClain
  • Kwame Reed
  • Che Shabazz
  • Nicholas Swierczek
  • Emily Wessel
  • Thomas Wilburn

To join our apprentice program in 2014 or learn more about volunteering with UA now, please contact Junious Brickhouse at 571.201.7310 or email him at jlbrickhouse@urbanartistry.org

Board of Directors

PRESIDENT – Junious L. Brickhouse

VICE PRESIDENT – Phillip Chang

SECRETARY – LaTasha Barnes

TREASURER – Rizqi Rachmat

FUNDRAISING  – Leslie Liao


ADDITIONAL BOARD MEMBERS – Hannah George-Wheeler, Rashaad Pearson, Ryan Webb